Patricia Annabelli

About Me!

Want something special and custom that i don't have?  
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I will do custom portraits!

I’ve been drawing and painting my entire life, it’s something that comes natural to me. I truly believe that my inspiration comes from my subconscious.  The majority of the painting that I create reflects some sort of feeling, thought, mood or maybe a life experience that I’m going through at the time. My passion for painting has become a vital part of my being and who I am spiritually.  I mostly work with acrylics and inks on canvas ranging in many different colors and sizes.

With my Men Of Old I capture and paint what the men might have looked like generations before me.  They represent the echoes of people in the past times that might have lived through some of our histories most trying eras, their last face right before they seize to exist only left in a moment for me to inspire. 


When I spray paint, it enables me to paint something endless in the matter of minutes at a fast pace. I get to escape as well as engage viewers who come watch me perform at shows and festivals.